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RECY® Business Management

RECY® is a completely integrated software solution for companies in the waste management and recycling business. With it, you can organize your company and make your business processes transparent and controllable. This is guaranteed, no matter if your company is in one single location or consists of many divisions and sites. The data is always centrally located, and always consolidated. Inventory, contract position, customer tonnages and revenue - to name only a few - are always up to date and reflect the complete enterprise data. This is the only method to keep control at all times.

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Unlike other software packages on the market, RECY® was specifically developed for the recycling industry. You do not have to fight with abstract terminology, and strange workflows and procedures. RECY® speaks your language, in every language. In RECY® products, for example, are called commodities (or grades). You can take the supplier-orientated business procedures for granted as you can expect a specific inventory management which is quite different from other industries.

RECY®, this includes contract administration, logistics for fleet and containers, price management, cash purchases, integration with truck and platform scales, purchasing, sales, despatch, freight control, just to name the more important functions. The fully integrated financials are focused on the specialities of the recycling industry. You can use one and the same account for receivables and for payables. The integrated cash and cost control does not only rely on transactions which are posted in accounting. Receivables and payables are immediately visible as soon as the loaded or unloaded truck rolls from the scale.RECY® is perfected to the needs of the recycling industry. This includes smaller or mid-sized companies as well as large corporations whose revenue is in the billions. The software is incredible easy to use because it reflects exactly the business processes of a recycling company. None the less it provides enough flexibility to adjust it to very special requirements. The implementation process is so easy that even a corporation with several dozen sites was able to go live with the software within two months. The stability of the software and the database is unsurpassed and well appreciated. The majority of companies which have RECY in use do not keep their own IT department anymore. The software provider is a reliable and cheaper option.

RECY® is not limited to a certain operating system. It runs on Windows® as well as UNIX, or LINUX. The database and 4th generation programming language which are used for RECY are one mould and do not have the usual interface and update problems.

Organization and Software

The best software is useless if you do not optimize your organization together with the software solution. Recy Systems therefore invests a considerable share of the implementation into the optimization of your business processes. Where needed, we adjust RECY® to the special requirements of your organization. Several hundred man-years of experience in your industry make this task easier and guarantee success.

More about Organisation and Software ...

RECY® enables through flexibility and an extremely productive development environment a fast and easy integration and implementation of customized solutions. RECY® s automatically adjusted to changed markets and requirements in environmental law as key players in the recycling industry use this software solution, and also because Recy Systems GmbH is member of all important business associations and learns about new developments at a very early stage.  

Information and Control

RECY® software: providing you with constantly updated, reliable data, properly analyzed and presented, giving you what you need to be successful in the market. This applies to the operative business as well as to the financial side. In the same context, RECY® apps also provide effective control of your business transactions through an event-triggered, interactive early warning system. These events include, for example, inventory updates which are grossly above average, significant claims, significant price modifications, large long or short positions, overload of trucks. RECY® automatically reports those events to the responsible key people. The rules are defined by you and also the key people who have to know about it.