Software for the Recycling and Waste Management Business

Recy Systems has over 600 customers in Europe, Asia, Africa and North America. There is no other software company which has as many standard and customized solutions for the recycling industry. No matter which material is recycled: steel scrap, non-ferrous metals, paper, wood, glass, plastic or textiles, we have the perfect solution.

For automotive, electronic recycling, waste management, and smelters which use secondary metal, we have specialized software modules which are used by renowned companies in these industries.

With the exception of a payroll program, our ERP system has solutions for all functions which are required in a recycling or waste management operation regardless the size of the company: order processing, inventory management, logistics, production, purchasing, sales, marketing, financials, just to name a few of the most important ones. All modules are fully integrated with each other. A customer account is opened once and can be used in all other areas.

Our software is used by family owned businesses with 4-10 users and equally by some of the largest companies in the recycling industry with multi-billion revenue. Our largest customer has some 300 sites in 15 countries.

Recy Systems spends a considerable share of the implementation time for the optimization of your work process. Where needed, we customize RECY for the specific needs of your organisation. Several hundred man-years of experience in your industry, ensures the implementation is efficient and successful.

RECY makes any customization process affordable and fast through its flexibility and highly productive development tools. RECY is adapted to changing market conditions at a very early stage because the market leaders in the industry use RECY, and with Recy Systems being represented in all important national and international industry associations, we learn about upcoming changes from first-hand information.