Recy CRM

Instead of creating interfaces to the numerous CRM packages on the market, we decided to develop and offer a solution which is integrated with information stored in RECY® Business Management, RECY® MULCO Logistics, and RECY® Accounting.

RECY® CRM is the perfect tool not only for marketing, but for organizing your valuable customer data along with your whole external and internal communication. Keep in mind that we have solutions for nearly every spectrum of your business; then imagine what it means to access all the data created in these various applications through one single, easy-to-use program. Then you will fully appreciate the importance of our RECY® CRM solution.

Customer and supplier data, volumes and margins, receivables, payables, production data, inventory, contract position, risk exposures, container tracking and archived documents. All this and much more information can be accessed by selecting an account or a contact in this application. The integration of facsimile, phones and e-mail as well as the major office products from Microsoft® combine to the perfect electronic office. An unlimited number of contacts can be linked to a customer with business and private data and criteria. Activities can be classified in groups and easily opened and connected to the customer, or to a contact. The activity can be scheduled and distributed to other people in your organization. The software will remind you of important deadlines or activities ahead of time. You can link quotes, letters, faxes, emails and phone calls to the customer or contact. In short, you can do everything which improves the information flow, transparency and relations with your customers and colleagues. No more searching for correspondence with a business partner in in-boxes, document folders or filing cabinets. Everything is organized and linked to the right person in one place. Naturally with all the security and privacy required.

Mobile Apps provide easy but safe access to information stored in RECY® and allow input or editing of data in RECY® CRM.

Addon Modules

  • Module Phone-Interface